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    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Be sure to checkout our Premium Plugins

    Script Features Include:
    • Media Upload
    • User Authentication
    • Facebook & Google Authentication
    • User Profiles
    • Commenting
    • User Likes
    • Full Admin Panel
    • Multiple Color Schemes
    • Add Pages
    • NSFW Functionality
    • Watermark Support
    • Language Translation Ready
    • And Much Much More…
    Technologies Used:
    • Laravel 4
    • Bootstrap 3
    • Font Awesome 4
    • Many Other Popular Libraries & Frameworks
    Server Requirements:
    • PHP >= 5.3.7
    • Apache Web Server
    • MCrypt PHP Extension (available in most hosting providers)
    • Allow_url_fopen enabled
    • PDO Extension
    Our full admin panel is integrated into the site. Admins can delete, edit, or disable users, media, and comments. Site customizations include logo upload, backend color changes, color schemes, and the ability to add your own custom CSS.

    We have included a full 5 part video Getting Started guide to help you get up and running with Ninja Media Script.

    Hope you enjoy [​IMG]

    Great support and weekly updates!




    New Update 1.1.9 adds & fixes the following:
    • Added check for installer to make sure .htaccess file was available
    • Fixed avatar URL’s to include CDN support
    • Included hotfix from 1.1.8 where images would not upload correctly in admin settings
    New Update 1.1.8 adds & fixes the following:

    • Updated .htaccess to include browser caching and asset compression
    • Increased rating for google website optimizer
    • Fixed few issues with updating user avatar
    • Included hotfix for 1.1.7 where users had problems adding analytics code
    • Resolved issues with updating logo, favicon, and watermark
    New Update 1.1.7 adds & fixes the following:

    • Removed spacing at top of single media page on mobile
    • Resolved layout issues video covering social icons
    • Fix social icons not showing correctly on singe page view
    • Hide inbetween-ads on mobile view
    • Fix single view page where the total number of likes are correctly shown
    New Update 1.1.6 adds & fixes the following:

    • Added new plugin for login and signup to open in modal
    • Fixed issue with random bar not loading images
    • index.php will automatically redirect to root url /
    New Update 1.1.5 adds & fixes the following:

    • Fixed a Few Mobile Layout Issues
    • Added Social buttons to mobile version
    • Removed the need for fileinfo_buffer when uploading images
    • Added more functionality for Plugin Support
    New Update 1.1.4 adds & fixes the following:

    • Created an alternate installation method
    • Removed/cleaned some unnecessary javascript code
    • Minified each CSS accordingly files and resolved an issue occurring in previous version
    • Optimized a few queries for faster load and more efficiency
    New Update 1.1.3 adds & fixes the following:

    • Update FontAwesome to the latest version
    • Changing media Facebook like to say Share instead of Like
    • Minified All files and Using Gulp JS tasks to increase site performance
    New Update 1.1.2 adds & fixes the following:

    • Sitemap.xml functionality
    • Multiple Views including Grid View
    • Fixed small issue with user Signup
    • Minor Bug Fixes and tweaks
    New Update 1.1.1 adds & fixes the following:

    • Added better spanish translation for the script
    • Implemented Hotfixes from previous version
    • When user clicks the like button on single media page and they are not signed in, they get redirected to the login/signup page
    New Update 1.1.0 adds & fixes the following:

    Warning: New update procedure from upgrading from 1.0.9 to 1.1.0. Be sure to check the documentation on upgrading to the latest version.
    • Update File Structure to allow more flexibility in future updates such as plugins and themes
    • Disabled users can no longer login or upload anything.
    • Fixed some Facebook authentication issues.
    • Allow admin to turn on Captcha on their Signup Page
    • Few more bug fixes and fine tuning
    Updates via 1.0.9

    • Add view count to each media/post
    • Add NSFW
    • Add Pages
    • Change media description from 250 string to text field to allow for longer descriptions
    • When deleting posts, images are removed as well.
    • When user click on view points from another user profile it is showing their points instead of your points (fix).
    • Add version number in admin panel. example (You are running Ninja Media Script version 1.0.8)
    • Gifs loading before they are clicked play, faster load.
    • Instead of pagination, also include show load more button for infinite scroll.
    • Add FB popup in when sharing on Facebook (Thanks to user GreyMafia)
    • Fixed user avatar not updating after authenticating via Facebook
    • Added all hot fixes from 1.0.8 to 1.0.9
    • Youtube video embed supports multiple URL’s including short URL and extended URL
    Updates via 1.0.8

    • User can change permalink url when editing media
    • User can edit media description
    • Added Watermark support for image
    • Fix google plus user ID to not include +
    • Updated missing strings in language files
    Updates via 1.0.7

    • Another Ad placement.
    • Add count value media, users, comments, etc in Admin Dashboard.
    • Fixed a few layout issues.
    Updates via 1.0.6

    • Added French & Russian Language support.
    • Comments must be at least 5 characters.
    • Fixed a few labels for language support.
    • If username is too long on user menu it will show max characters to avoid messing up alignment.
    • If tags only had one tag it would not be shown, fixed.
    • Cleaned up some code.
    • Fixed a few site comment bugs.
    • Fixed some missing icons in the admin control panel.
    • Fixed issues with URL slugs for non-supported characters.
    Updates via 1.0.5

    • Add Source to Media Page
    • Language Support Included (spanish version available)
    • Allow Non-english characters in the title and categories
    • SEO Page titles for Single Media Pages
    • Cleaned up some loose files
    Updates via 1.0.4

    • Added Random Post Functionality
    • Added FB Comments section along with Site Comments
    • Reduce CSS files or duplicate asset files
    • Fixed pagination layout on mobile devices if infinite scroll is disabled
    • Sidebar on single media page is sticky
    • Fix user comments to show their avatar and a link to their profile, also to show their name and when they have commented.
    Updates Via 1.0.3

    • Added custom error 403, 404, and 500 pages.
    • Add validation if no video or image has been selected.
    • Make sure media titles cannot be blank.
    • Fix so that way usernames cannot contain a space.
    • Categories in the dropdown are displayed with spaces instead of dashes and will not be all lowercase.
    Updates Via 1.0.2

    • Admins can now add Site Analytics Embed Code in the admin settings.
    • Admins can now turn on & off user registration.
    • Usernames cannot have special characters, must be at least 3 characters, and cannot create a username that is already in use.
    • Make sure that profile images are proportional while uploading them.
    • Include separating line between posts.
    • Fixed issue where users can spam with too many comments. Users have to wait at least 3 minutes before posting a new comment.
    • Fixed Update Signup/Signin from getting cut off on small height devices such as iPod or iPhone.
    • Fixed single media previous and next to only show media that has been approved.

    Updates Via 1.0.1

    • Fixed user points route to show correctly, previously page would display error.
    • Fixed social icons on top to be hidden if they are empty.
    • Fixed Issue where registered users were not being allowed to upload images.
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