Các topic thi nói Anh văn lớp 6

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  1. 4 topic thi nói Anh văn lớp 6

    Để giúp các em lớp 6 tự tin hơn trong bài thi Speaking trong kỳ thi học kỳ, trong bài viết này, kênh đại học xin giới thiệu một số topic thi nói Anh văn lớp 6 dành cho các em tham khảo.

    Đây là một số topic phổ biến được sử dụng trong thi nói Anh văn lớp 6. Hy vọng bài viết sẽ bổ trợ thêm phần nào kiến thức để các em tự tin vượt qua kỳ thi và đạt kết quả thật tốt.

    Topic nói về chương trình TV yêu thích:

    My favorite TV program is Hello Jadoo - a famous program. I like this program because it is very funny and entertaining. It's on Disney Channel at 5pm from Tuesday to Saturday every week. I always watch it . This program is about a cute girl, funny and intelligent but quite lazy and friends good-hearted, genial of jadoo. Through cartoon, I developed communication skills, perseverance and life skills. I wish cartoon will premiere viewers or more episodes and more meaningful.

    Topic nói về môi trường:

    Now there are many problems of environmental pollution such as water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution and deforestation but I think the most serious problem is rubbish.

    The rubbish is not good for health and environment. We should reduce the rubbish in the activities daily.

    Firstly, we need to reuse things such as: we use the bottles of milk, juice, mineral water to fill up water. If we don't fit up the clothes, we can give for younger sister or younger brother,...

    Secondly, we can recycle the cans to make school things. We also recycle the paper boards to make useful things.

    Thirdly, we open a book festival. We swap books, stories, magazines, newspapers with each other.

    Finally, we use the reusable things such as: paper bags, reusable bags. So we do not need use plastic bags.

    So we can protect the environment with some little actions. I think people can do it to have a better life.

    Topic nói về môn thể thao mà em thích:

    There are a lot of interesting games such as stone bridge, badminton, basketball,... but my favorite game is hide and seek. I usually play it with my cousins or my friends on Saturdays. The game lasts about 30 minutes. It is an inexpensive and easy game. You only need three or more persons. First, we have to find someone who will blindfold. Next, the blindfold will count from 1 to 10, the others will hide. After the blindfold was finished counting to 10, then that person will open their eyes to find the hider. If he or she find out every body, they will start anew game. If seeker doesn't get all the hiders, the seeker will have to say "give up" and continue to play a new game. You should play it more because it can keep you entertained after the lessons at school and it's good for health.

    Topic nói về ngôi nhà mơ ước:

    My future house will be a villa. It will be by the sea because I like a quiet place and sea views. It will surrounded by blue sea and tall trees. My future house will have eleven rooms : a living room for me to watch TV, two bedrooms for me to sleep, a gym for me to do exercise in the morning, a library for me to read books and stories in the afternoon, a kitchen for me to cook, a dinning room for me to eat food and drinks, 2 bathrooms for me to relax myself, a cinema for me to watch new movies and a music room for me to play the instruments in my free time.

    In front of the house there will be a big garden with a lot of fruit trees and flowers. There will be a swimming pool and a large playground behind the house. To the left of the house is a small pond where I can raise fish.

    My future house will have solar energy and wind energy. There will have two robots in the house. They will help me to do the housework such as: cooking meals, watering the flowers, cleaning our house,...

    I will have a super smart TV in my house. It will help me to self-study at home, contact my friends and order food from the supermarkets.

    I will have some modern sport equipment to help me keep fit.

    I think I will live comfortably and happily in my future house. I hope my dream will come true soon.

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